Plus Size Wedding Gowns & Designers We Love

August 14, 2012 by admin

Every bride deserves to feel like a million bucks. Regardless of their size, shape, or style, a wedding gown should make you feel stunning and perfect on your wedding day. Sometimes if a bride has more to love, it’s hard to find a designer dress as a plus size bride. Look no further, though, here are some designers that always have a full line of plus size gowns from big brand designers.

Vera Wang( White Collection at David’s Bridal): I absolutely love Vera Wang, and it’s not just for her designs. Her love for her fans and fashionistas is so heart warming! She has really reached the public by making her style and vision available to women everywhere. She has designed a luxurious line exclusively for David’s Bridal entitled ” White Collection”. Within this line she has designed several fabulous designs with her style and quality throughout the entire gown.

2BE Bride by Kathy Ireland Is an designer based in New York City and designs some of the most fabulous gowns for plus size brides. Made of the most luxurious and high quality fabric by couture designers, you cannot go wrong. They have all styles and fits for plus size brides, bridesmaids, and mother of the bride.

Private Label by G: This is a very well known designer among the Knot, myWeddingTalk, Wedding Wire, and BRIDES magazine. What many people do not know is that they have an exclusive line for plus size brides. While possibly one of the most expensive in this area of fashion, every penny is worth it. They have a wide selection and variety in their ” Signature Plus” line.

One might ask what the best style is as a plus size bride. My answer? Whatever you feel beautiful and you feel flatters you. The material, style, and designer is up to you and is all that matters! A-line, ballroom, mermaid; tulle, satin, chiffon– all choices that are up to you and should be something that you feel like a princess in!

How to Propose

June 8, 2012 by Kate

Are you ready to ask that special girl to marry you, but aren’t sure how you should do it? You want it to be special, something she will love and talk about for years. There are thousands of ideas for popping that once in a lifetime question. The deciding factor is going to be if you are giving her a ring when you propose, or if you plan on letting her pick out her own ring after she, of course, says yes.

Some romantic ideas include taking her to dinner, having the waiter bring a bottle of champagne with the ring in her glass. If you have a favorite beach or park that you walk in, then have the ring ready if you have it, or your proposal ready, drop on one knee at that one special place, and ask her the question you having been waiting to ask.

If you decide to do it around a number of other people, you should probably already have the ring with you. It would be embarrassing to make a public spectacle of it without the ring, because all the women present are going to come up to her and want to see it.

If you want to do something really eccentric or noticeable, hire a skywriter to write the message across the sky at a time you know she will be outdoors. Have your radio station ask the question for you over the air with a special song dedicated when you know she will be listening. Send her a singing telegram at work, and walk in when they are done to give her the ring.

Imagination is a great thing to have. If you stop and think for a while about what she likes, places that are special and or things you have done together, you will come up with the perfect proposal.

How Much Should I Spend On An Engagement Ring?

June 7, 2012 by Kate

Every bride-to-be wants that beautiful engagement ring. They want to be able to show it off to their friends and relatives, hearing them compliment the size, design and brilliance. The question has often been brought up “how much should I spend on an engagement ring?” It really should be “how much can I afford to spend on an engagement ring?”

A diamond company called DeBeers set the standard in 1947 to the equivalent of two to three times what your monthly salary is. So if you make three thousand a month, you should spend six to nine thousand dollars. In reality, it should be what you think you can afford.

There are many options that are available in buying engagement rings today. Most couples will go to the jewelry and pick out an engagement ring and weddings bands together. Some die hard romantics will buy the ring first to surprise their girl, but returning the ring can be embarrassing if she says no. Since the both of you will be planning your household finances together in the future, then buying the set after you have proposed may be the much better idea.

Remember that this engagement ring is something she is going to wear on her finger for the rest of her life. She is going to see it every day, remembering when and how you asked her to marry you. You want to make sure she is going to enjoy having that ring on her finger.

Do some research on the different diamonds available before searching for that ring. You may be able to save a few bucks by buying a clarity enhanced ring, and estate sale ring, or designing your own. It is a once in a lifetime purchase, so you really have to ask yourself how much that lifetime commitment is worth to you.

Design Your Own Engagement Rings

June 4, 2012 by Kate

It was perfect timing. As you were walking in that special place, he looked into your eyes and asked you to marry him. With tears of love and joy streaming down your face, you said “yes”. You are on a new road now. Your whole life is about to change. As you start thinking about when and where you want to get married, one other thought takes precedence. What about the engagement ring? Have you thought about this? This is something that both of you are involved in. It is becoming very popular to design your own engagement ring.

It is a great idea, especially for those who are going to be using a budget. Times are pretty hard right now, for many people, financially. Young couples are using budgets to plan their wedding, designing their own invitations, and eliminating extra costs by planning everything for their event. Designing your own engagement ring fits right into the budget plan.

Designing your engagement ring is really quite simple. Take a tour of the stores available at the world’s biggest shopping mall from the comfort of your home computer by logging onto the internet. Look for a site that offers the option to design your own. Choose the size diamond you can afford, choose a shape, choose a setting, size and any extras you can afford, and you will have a beautiful, unique affordable engagement ring.

Even if you are not on a budget, designing your own engagement ring will guarantee that it will be exquisite and unique. Your engagement ring can become the family heirloom that will be handed down from generation to generation. Your son will have the honor of presenting his fiancé with a family heirloom, his mother’s engagement ring, when he is ready to ask that special someone to be his wife.

More about Design Your Own Engagement Rings:

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

April 27, 2012 by Kate

Is it time to start shopping for that engagement ring? You have proposed, she accepted, and now it is time to get that beautiful diamond on her finger. The problem is money. Although you want to get her a huge diamond, and you know that she would love that, you don’t have the money to get one as big as you want. There is an alternative that can save you several thousand dollars. Clarity enhanced diamonds are just as big and brilliant and cost thousands of dollars less.

Most diamonds have flaws or inclusions. Some of these flaws or inclusions are minor and can easily be fixed. The enhancement simply maximizes the brilliance of the diamond. You get the same diamond at much better quality. They cost less because you pay a price of a diamond with inclusions in it, and you walk away with one that has a higher grading and look with more brilliance than it was before. The repairs are guaranteed for a lifetime as is the brilliancy and look of the stone.

A clarity enhanced diamond may have an inclusion that is filled. These flaws and the repair are not visible to the naked eye or from the top of the diamond. In order to even find out if it has been repaired you would have to use a scope from the bottom of the diamond to find that faint neon color that will be present.

These are guaranteed diamonds. As long as the cut, color and carat are good, then clarity enhanced diamonds will match up to non-clarity enhanced diamonds side by side. For the budget minded person, or someone who can’t afford that gigantic stone, these are the perfect diamonds for that engagement ring you want your beautiful bride-to-be to have.

When you start searching for that engagement ring, and notice a difference in price between two that seem the same, make sure to ask if it is a clarity enhanced diamond so you can be sure to get the lifetime treatment guarantee.

Backyard Wedding Ideas

April 27, 2012 by Kate

There is nothing more simplistic and dainty than a beautiful backyard wedding. These are becoming more and more popular as they incorporate that vintage look many brides are aiming for, while saving money having it in your (or a friend or family member’s) backyard. Here are some 2012 trend ideas for a backyard themed wedding!

Decor: Make these decorations dainty yet stylish…rustic lanterns throughout the tables or by each pew create an intimate settings. Mini rose bushes, and wildflowers planted beforehand (or in bouquets) create a ” Shabby Chic” theme that is a hot trend right now, yet so inexpensive!

Menu: Writing about a backyard-wedding menu makes me so hungry! Take simple, casual dishes and add some flair. Things like herb roasted vegetables, marinated and grilled chicken, fruit salsa, and strawberry shortcake. You can’t go wrong with these favorites!

Favors:  Send your guests off with something memorable and fun of their casual, yet chic wedding and the day they have. Things like old fashioned milk bottles with cookies, set of picnic napkins, or a flower seeds are great wedding favor ideas!

The Dress: While choosing you wedding gown should be your choice and your choice alone, you might want to search for a style that is more casual and simplistic. This doesn’t need to be a white paisley dress by any means! Consider a dress design that is more flowy, of a light chiffon or lace patterns. Make these designs your own by adding accessories such as a vintage necklace, broach, or birdcage veil.