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Plus Size Wedding Gowns & Designers We Love

August 14, 2012

Every bride deserves to feel like a million bucks. Regardless of their size, shape, or style, a wedding gown should make you feel stunning and perfect on your wedding day. Sometimes if a bride has more to love, it’s hard to find a designer dress as a plus size bride. Look no further, though, here [...]

How to Propose

June 8, 2012

Are you ready to ask that special girl to marry you, but aren’t sure how you should do it? You want it to be special, something she will love and talk about for years. There are thousands of ideas for popping that once in a lifetime question. The deciding factor is going to be if [...]

Design Your Own Engagement Rings

June 4, 2012

It was perfect timing. As you were walking in that special place, he looked into your eyes and asked you to marry him. With tears of love and joy streaming down your face, you said “yes”. You are on a new road now. Your whole life is about to change. As you start thinking about [...]

Backyard Wedding Ideas

April 27, 2012

There is nothing more simplistic and dainty than a beautiful backyard wedding. These are becoming more and more popular as they incorporate that vintage look many brides are aiming for, while saving money having it in your (or a friend or family member’s) backyard. Here are some 2012 trend ideas for a backyard themed wedding! [...]