How to Propose

Are you ready to ask that special girl to marry you, but aren’t sure how you should do it? You want it to be special, something she will love and talk about for years. There are thousands of ideas for popping that once in a lifetime question. The deciding factor is going to be if you are giving her a ring when you propose, or if you plan on letting her pick out her own ring after she, of course, says yes.

Some romantic ideas include taking her to dinner, having the waiter bring a bottle of champagne with the ring in her glass. If you have a favorite beach or park that you walk in, then have the ring ready if you have it, or your proposal ready, drop on one knee at that one special place, and ask her the question you having been waiting to ask.

If you decide to do it around a number of other people, you should probably already have the ring with you. It would be embarrassing to make a public spectacle of it without the ring, because all the women present are going to come up to her and want to see it.

If you want to do something really eccentric or noticeable, hire a skywriter to write the message across the sky at a time you know she will be outdoors. Have your radio station ask the question for you over the air with a special song dedicated when you know she will be listening. Send her a singing telegram at work, and walk in when they are done to give her the ring.

Imagination is a great thing to have. If you stop and think for a while about what she likes, places that are special and or things you have done together, you will come up with the perfect proposal.

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